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IbizaBlack Raspberry


The keyhole bridge, slender arms and large circular front makes for the perfect retro-style. Enjoy rocking on with the Ibiza until the break of dawn.

(Unavailable in progressive lenses)

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See your passion with Trioo Eyewear as we share those special moments with you no matter where you are in the world. Everybody sees their world from a different perspective. Check our photobook to see photographers worldwide bringing their view into focus.


Carefully crafted from the finest acetate plates

Extremely durable – not easily faded or deformed

Non Absorbent - dries quickly and cleans easily

Natural rich color patterns for a stylish look



Made from hard resin

Lightweight, slim and impact-resistant aspheric lenses

Starting at a standard 1.61 index lens

Your prescription determines index strength

Offer 100% UV protection

Coated twice with anti-reflective coating

Anti-scratch & anti-static coating included