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About Us

Trioo Eyewear lives by our motto “See Your Passion”, without passion life is meaningless, so squeeze out every last drop that life has to offer. Whether it’s hopping on a flight to explore an exotic destination, riding the perfect wave into the sunset or creating a masterpiece using a ball point pen; do everything with passion.

Over a decade ago, our company began as a French manufacturer, producing high quality eyeglasses for the top brands across the world. Although our roots are in Paris, in 2009 we decided to branch out and move operations to the thriving metropolis Shanghai. Shortly after, we created our own brand of eyewear called Trioo, and we started selling Trioo frames online to consumers in China.

We acquired an abundance of knowledge and resources throughout the years enabling us to eclipse our competition in the Chinese market. We launched the international site - - on January 1st, 2014. Trioo offers state-of-the-art spectacles with fresh designs at very competitive price. Our shipping is fast and free, delivered in less than 7 days. We have 3 distinct collections with a wide variety of styles - From oversized hipster glasses to sleek titanium glasses, we have something for everyone. Our experience and dedication to the optical industry makes us a prestigious choice for an online eyewear provider.


Job Description

Student Brand Ambassadors will receive commission from sales. SBA’s will be given a custom discount code to share with people on/off campus. Commission will be paid on each sale directly to the SBA. Top performers that exceed sales goals will receive cash bonuses and extra product allowances. Take advantage of this opportunity and apply now.


  • Currently enrolled students in a 4 year program
  • 2nd or 3rd year students preferred
  • Creative, sociable, out-going and well connected individuals
  • Active members in extracurricular activities (clubs, sports, organizations)
  • Strong interest in the world of marketing, sales and event promotions
  • Must be able to commit to one full semester (Approx. 4 hours/week *results/$$$ are based on your efforts)


  • Be the face of Trioo Eyewear on and off your university campus
  • Establish a brand presence of Trioo on/off campus using social media, networking and promotional events.
  • Work with us to produce budgets for on-campus marketing activities
  • Monitor Trioo’s profile on campus through surveys and gathered feedback
  • Assist in the recruitment of future Trioo Brand Ambassadors
  • Keep our marketing and sales team updated on your status/progress/ problems


  • Gain invaluable real world experience.
  • Receive commission on sales in your area or through promo-code.
  • Monthly stipend to help execute marketing activities (discussed per case).
  • Trioo Eyewear swag (Samples Glasses/Sunglasses for presentations/meeting/etc - Wearable products {glasses & sunglasses} from our website, chosen by you – other promotion products like shirts/hats can be discussed per case).
  • Win special prizes for top performers.
  • Hook your peers up with promotional items and discounts on eyewear.

Trioo Eyewear Student Brand Ambassador

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