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Be Our Photographer



Would you like to be a photographer for Trioo?

We are seeking photographers for our international photography project. As you can see in our photobook, photographers from all over the world have taken pictures in their wonderful cities with our Trioo eyeglasses. We want to continue filling our photobook with pictures from across the globe.

Here is what we are offering. We will send you 2 pairs of eyeglasses from our three collections to take photos with. You can ask people of your liking to wear our glasses for the photoshoot. We want the photos to be natural. The theme should be about the heartbeat of the city and the story between ordinary people and Trioo glasses. We believe a city is the best place for this because it's where people connect and build a life, a place full of diversity and excitement. The photos should be taken in your city at a few different sites, for instance, a bustling business street, a popular tourist landmark or just any fantastic view. We ask that you include a few different angles. You could do close up shots and/or shots from afar, however, the glasses should be recognizable and the quality of the photos must be nice.  Most of all, we really appreciate creativity.

After you finish shooting the photos, you will send us 10 photos and we will choose 5 of them for our site. The copyright of the photos will be yours; however Trioo reserves the right to use the photos for company purposes including online, offline and prints. If you want to resell/reuse these pictures for personal or commercial reasons you need to notify Trioo for approval to make sure there is no inappropriate usage. We reserve the right to reject the inappropriate usage of the pictures.

We will promote your pictures by sharing them on our social media channels with your name or  contact information to reach more people that will appreciate your work. 

If you would like to be a part of this project, send us a few of your unique photos with a brief introduction to We will promptly reply with the steps to begin.


- The Trioo Team